The Kiss-Cam is so gay...

My evolution as an LGBTQ inclusively minded individual can be credited to many different experiences like movies, books and a diversifying social life, but one that stands out very clearly in my past, happened while attending a Chicago Blackhawks game at the United Center. During a stoppage of play the Jumbotron kiss-cam gag began, and the final couple featured in the cutout of a heart, with loud kissy sounds and a cheesy 80s rock ballad, were two of the opposing team male players sitting on their bench side-by-side. The crowd laughed, and at the time even I had a 6th grade schoolyard inclination to giggle. I immediately felt pretty ashamed to witness something live-action that seemingly was this harmless joke to many, but also a brash reminder to those attending that don't exclusively identify as heterosexual (closeted or not), do not warrant the same legitimacy as the rest; that some or most of what they find attracts them to a romantic partner has been specifically and exclusively shown as just an emasculating joke. 

It warms my heart, so very much to watch this, and see this trend beautifully come full circle, I found this video from an entire blog post about this very subject matter: