Wedding Day with Leah & John

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"John and Leah's wedding day was a fun and memorable shoot. I especially enjoyed arriving early to explore the grounds of their venue. The ceremony featured some fantastic readings by the Bride and Groom, and the dance floor congo-line was a perfect summary of the joy shared by all that day. Best wishes and much love to John and Leah!"

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Wedding film inspiration - Diego Serrano

I have three weddings in the can for 2016, and many more to come.

In preparation I watched and took some notes on this amazing wedding video by Diego Serrano.

First two things I love right away are the length and the music. Many couples I speak with definitely want their highlight film to be over 5-minutes, and I get they are paying money and they don't want to feel as though they got less. But I think I will start pushing for couples to expect their highlight film to be contained within a single music track, at around the 4-minute mark. You can tell a lot of story in 4-minutes, as this video proves. Gotta sell it better!

As for what this video inspires me to consider trying more of, is 60 fps with glidecam (which means slow motion on a steady device). The opening shot, has a slow push in towards the couple, and Diego also does a similar effect @0:40 but pulling back instead, allowing the expanding frame reveal the subject. I really dug these shots, they fit in the beginning very well and feels like I'm getting to know this couple.



My final creative inspirational shot is this very quick dance floor shot. I like the angle, but most noticeably I love the feeling of the shot sped up at the in point and ramping down to real-time at the out point. He may or not have actually manipulated the timing, I'm not certain, but considering he had a very energetic party like theme at the end, this shot work great either way.


Great work Diego, way to raise the bar!