Vlog Re-Launch and new format

When I first went full-time as a videographer and stay-at-home parent, I launched a daily vlog. My idea was to release a daily video of my life, before my professional work started picking up. My goal was to develop a solid work ethic, as-well as getting a lot of practice with my tools, but quickly became an unrealistic work load for me sustain. I still kept making fun videos on the side when I could, but nothing of a consistent release schedule.

There was another benefit to that project that I did not realize until recently. While talking to some wedding clients, I realized some were looking at many of my videos, wedding related or not, and would then cite my creativity as a major selling point for choosing me over a studio or another independent videographer. I'm not saying that just to navel gaze, as flattering as those compliments are (please don't stop giving them), they also scare me. Lately I'm noticing that the more wedding projects I book, the more wedding-videos I study, and the more I think my videos have to meet their formula, the less creative I feel. I can't let success and expectations change the qualities that got my foot in this door.

Here is a wedding video I found that inspired me to keep staying true to the independent-artistic spirit.

Sara Dietschy shot this video with just one camera and no sound gear, and yet it has more style and creativity than some of the most popular wedding videos that I have found on youtube.

To keep my creative flame ablaze, I have decided to re-launch the vlog project with a new approach. First off, the vlog will not be an exclusive look at a day in my life. There will also be DIY-Tutorial videos about how I use my gear, what mistakes I have made/avoided and some behind the scenes of certain projects. The other change will be the release schedule, which will be every Monday. That is specifically for videos I label as "Vlog", other finished videos will simply be released when completed.


Vimeo Weekend Challenge: 5X5 Neon Lights

Created for the Weekend Challenge

Rules (from vimeo.com):

For this Weekend Challenge, we’d like you to explore a popular theme, but approach it in a new (electrifying!) light: it’s 5x5s, all dolled up in neon. The 5x5 format is very straightforward: a 25-second video composed of five five-second clips, using only natural sound.

Neon lights add an interesting — dare I say, illuminating — visual element that complements and contrasts with this otherwise simple concept.

There is an additional behind the scenes of this little shoot that is linked at the ending of the video, enjoy!

I will be trying to do as many weekend challenges as possible, so stay tuned for more to come.