Trans Day of Remembrance - You care more than you know

This day is to remember the lives lost to anti-trans violence; this violence may be the lack of a support system correlating to a trans person's self-harm, as well as hate-crime violence.

Why I think many of us care more than we know, is based on two questions.

  1. How many people don't feel, "Man enough", or "woman enough"?
  2. Who has not reacted to this insecurity by committing a violent act to themselves, or another? For example: shame, judgement, hatred, over-consumption, irrational risk taking and unhealthy sexual relationships.

Answer: Everyone

(revision: except one anonymous commenter, the Neo of gender security,


Stop pretending that this is exclusively their problem, trans* people would all be fine, if it wasn't for everyone else projecting their fears and insecurities on to those who are challenging the limitations of gender expression.

These people are revolutionary individuals, and not only do we owe them our acceptance (culturally and institutionally), we also owe them gratitude. Trans* people show us all that we are not slaves to the esthetic; we are boundless, unique and living proof that normal is a lie. 

*when you see the word, "Trans*", the asterisk modifies the definition to include individuals of a wider spectrum of gender expression, examples being and not limited to: Transgender, Drag Queen, Gender Queer, Agender, Bigender and exct..

Photo By: Shawn P. Boyle @ 2015 Chicago Pride Parade

Photo By: Shawn P. Boyle @ 2015 Chicago Pride Parade