The Chase / <3 Cameo (a video editing app)

Sometimes you gotta put all the fancy cameras, tripods and Final Cut Pro rendering load times to the side, take your kid to a park, and capture some silly fun on your Phone. 


I have the apps: iMovie (Apple $5), Capture (YouTube-free) and Cameo (Vimeo-free). They are all a bit different and useful in their own ways, but I find myself gravitating towards Cameo lately. It is perfect for when you want to do something quickly without sacrificing creative flair. I love the cool filters, music catalogue, fonts and the 6-second time limit per cut seemed like a downside at first, but it actually helps you edit faster and will result in a video that has fantastic pacing. The time I would normally spend trying to figure out if a shot is too long or too short, is now eliminated cause I simply find something cool, cut and move on to the next edit. 

Sampling all the filters is already giving me fun ideas for future projects to do with my phone on the fly anytime, anywhere. RIP-Battery life. 


Simply put, there is no excuse to not do something creative and fun if you have this app.

Weekly Unplug



I've decided that one night each week will involve no digital entertainment whatsoever. From the moment we get off work there will be no tv, videogames, smartphone or computer screen being used for any leisure activity. 

What will we do?

First and foremost we will cook a healthy dinner; the rest of the night can be spent doing something productive or creative like reading books, playing a board-game, exercising, relaxing outside, and of course playing with our son.

This is not a condemnation of technology, I'm not wagging my finger at smartphones and hurumphing while I shake my fist at teenagers for walking on my lawn. This is just a fun and convenient way for my family to look at the calender, pick a day, and engage exclusively with our physical reality. Maybe it will help us find new activities, or it can elevate our appreciation for activities that previously went over-looked. 

Tonight is the first weekly unplug for our family. I will post updates and pictures on instag- Oh! That's right, you will just have to take my word for it ;)