Vimeo Weekend Challenge: 5X5 Neon Lights

Created for the Weekend Challenge

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For this Weekend Challenge, we’d like you to explore a popular theme, but approach it in a new (electrifying!) light: it’s 5x5s, all dolled up in neon. The 5x5 format is very straightforward: a 25-second video composed of five five-second clips, using only natural sound.

Neon lights add an interesting — dare I say, illuminating — visual element that complements and contrasts with this otherwise simple concept.

There is an additional behind the scenes of this little shoot that is linked at the ending of the video, enjoy!

I will be trying to do as many weekend challenges as possible, so stay tuned for more to come.

Pets, Wildlife and a free giveaway.

I'm going to spend some time this spring photographing and crafting videos featuring pets and local wildlife. There is something about the wildlife of suburbia that is easy to overlook, yet still captivating and beautiful when you stop and take a closer look; as for pets, myself and many others have had their first experience of caring giving was with a family pet. We all ❤️ our animals and a beautiful video really is a lovely way to cherish their memory.

If if you have a pet, and you are interested in  booking me for a 30-60 minute video/photo shoot of your best friend, please contact

Early lead on a big announcement coming this week:

I will be selecting one random subscriber of my website for a free pet video each month, starting right now. Sign up today and if you don't win this month, you will automatically be added to the drawing of the subsequent months. 

(if you live out of state, this free giveaway can apply via your footage and my editing tools)


This photo was featured on the Instagram account: siamese_love_



Here is one of the first videos I ever made: