Kawehi - A musical wake-up call.


Last night I discovered a musician that blew my mind. Her bio from Kawehi.com says (in its entirety):

"what you don't know won't kill you."


Music is one of my big artistic blind-spots. I had fun playing around with guitars as a teenager, I know a few Blues licks on a Harmonica and I can listen to Radiohead until the cows come home, but now music is something I'm either not paying attention to, or I'm stressing about what song to use in a video.

This wonderful and talented woman figuratively slapped me in the face and said, "Hey! This is art, enjoy it!"

With all praise and accolade for Kawehi stated above, I also want to sing the praises of the directors, cinematographers, set-designers and editors she uses in her videos. This is top-notch filmmaking. The next time I book a music video, I will be looking back on this work for inspiration.