The voice I ignored - a non-partisan election retrospect.

This piece is exclusively about my mistake. I want to say this in a way that is not directly about being for or against any single person, or political party.

I'm a self-described idealist, and I say that with pride. There are endless great minds of today who are actively improving the human condition, and the internet keeps me a single Youtube, Podcast or Blog, link away from a daily buffet of intoxicating creativity and intellectualism. I have consumed multiple life-times worth of this content, and I fear it has clouded my world view. 

When this election started, I had a lot of thoughts about trump, the only one that is important to this piece, is the confident assumption that he could never win. I said it again and again, "Can't happen". All these voices from all corners of the world said the same, unanimously declaring Trump's inevidible defeat. I fell into that bubble of arrogant group-think. I let that happen, nobody else put me there. I could have balanced this out, and actually attempted to listen to what the world at large was saying outside of my cultural closed circuit. Simply put, I lost touch. 

There is one person I did not listen to, and that was my wife and partner in everything, Diane. She does not live in a bubble, for her, that was popped before it could even take form. She told me from day one, "He could win", and I responded with, "You have to watch this SNL clip from youtube". Diane never wavered from her point of view, I ignored her assement of the situation and argued against her with arrogant confidence every time. I listened to all those other voices, instead of the one person I share everything with. I'm terribly embarrassed by that.

I'm proud I voted, as well as dodging other mistakes that were common in this election, but I'm not proud of my arrogance. 

I like my cultural space being the way it is, but I need to reach out and find some balance in the reality of my present day.