Michael and April "Celebrate!"

Congrats to Michael and April Kledzinski. 

Two very special people in my life have lovingly tolerated my camera being pointed at them from day-1. As this was one of the first events I shot on my very first professional camera. I didn't do anything with this footage for years, and I'm happy to say inspite of my procrastination, I really enjoyed the challenge of using this early raw material and making it as great as it can be with all the editing tools/skills I've learned over the years. Did I have the right lens for low-lighting indoor shots, not at that time as is evident in the really dark visuals in some of these cuts? Does it tell a beautiful story about the beginning of their story, I think it does and surprisingly well.

Shot on a LUMIX GH1 and edited/music via the Cameo iPhone app. (Which I love, and highly reccomend)