Big news!

I'm thrilled to announce a partnership with the podcast, “Zen Parenting Radio”. I have been a fan for a long while, and recently formed a friendship with the co-host Todd. I met with both Cathy and Todd to form a partnership as their video producer for their Youtube channel. I will be crafting content authentic to their voice and presented with a beautiful visual style.

Their weekly conversations are Informative, touching, thought-provoking and often humorous, check out an episode, it is free and very accessible through their website or your smartphone/tablet. You should also subscribe and review their show.

 I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity to be a part of something I really believe in.

I used footage from my archive and spliced it with audio taken from their podcast to provide a sample of what is to come. Stay tuned, and thank you to my family and friends who have helped so much along the way.