Camping trip - 2014

Our first family camping trip with Logan was last summer when he was 10-months old. We had a fun time, shared with my cousin Don Thompson, his wife Heather and their child Marshall, but the kids were both a little too young and we all just kind of struggled to find comfort in the heat alongside a terrible mosquito season.

This year we tried again at the Ottawa Lake campgrounds in Kettle Moraine South Wisconsin. Unfortunately the Thompson bunch couldn't make it, but my old friend Rob came out and we all had a fantastic weekend in the woods, dare I say nearly perfect. It was such a joy watching Logan fall in love with the outdoors. I'm more excited than ever for the possibility of many more outdoor adventures.

It was the perfect 4-day weekend.

My personal favorite scene was Diane and Logan at the campfire, Diane's favorite scene was the three of us watching the Saturday night sunset. After packing up camp, we spent an evening in Lake Geneva and the hotel swimming pool.